Deleting Users

You can delete a user, which removes the user’s password profile and access from all shares.


-        You cannot delete special users, which include Admin, Everyone, All Users and Guests.

-        You need to be logged in as the administrator to delete users. There is only one administrative user per Drobo device.

1.     In Drobo Dashboard, on the All Drobos page, select the appropriate Drobo 5N.

2.     Click the Shares option on the Navigation menu.

The Share page opens.

3.   Click the Share Settings button.

The Share Settings page opens.

4.     Be sure the Users view displays by clicking the Users View FS_UsersViewButton.jpg button in the upper-right portion of the page.

5.   In the 1. Select a user area, select a user and click the Delete button at the bottom.

The user is removed from the Users list.

6.     Click the OK button on the Share Settings page to save your changes.

Your settings are saved, and the Shares page opens.

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