Creating and Using Shares

On a Drobo 5N, you can create shares. A share is a designated area of storage space on your Drobo 5N that can be accessed by selected users on the network. You can, for example, create a “Videos” share on which you store company videos, and then assign access to this share only to those users on the network who manage the videos.


-        You need to be logged in as the administrator to create shares. There can only be one administrative user per Drobo device.

-        For Macintosh OS X users, the administrator can create a dedicated share that can be used for Time Machine, making it easier for you to back up onto your Drobo 5N using Apple Inc.’s Time Machine utility. Details are included in the steps on creating shares.

To create and use shares, as the administrator, you do the following:

1.     Create one or more shares on your Drobo 5N.

2.     Create the users to which you want to assign access rights to one or more shares, being sure to enter a username and password for each user.

3.     Assign users access rights to one or more shares. Access rights include: no access, Read-Only and Read-Write.

4.     Once you have created shares, you can mount them so that you have easy access to them from your operating system.

Note: Once you, as the administrator, log out, the shares will be un-mounted and thereby inaccessible.

For the user to access a share, he/she needs to:

1.     Install and run Drobo Dashboard on his/her computer.

2.     Have access to the Drobo 5N device over the network.

Note: The user has immediate access to shares that have been given access to the “Everyone" user. No password is required.

3.     For shares assigned to this user in particular, log in to the Drobo 5N using the username and password assigned by the administrator when he/she set up the user.

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