Using DroboApps

Drobo Apps are third-party, community-created, community-supported applications for Drobo storage devices. They enable you to use your Drobo 5N for such applications as media streaming, remote access, online backup and Active Directory (AD) management. Applications developed by Drobo and their partners are supported, and those developed by the user community are enabled in Drobo Dashboard, but unsupported.

Drobo Apps are enabled on your Drobo 5N by default. If they have been disabled, you will need to enable them again to take advantage of Drobo Apps. When enabled, you have access to all available Drobo Apps directly from Drobo Dashboard, where you can install, manage and use them.

Click on a Topic

DroboGreen_Browse_Right.gif    Enabling or Disabling Drobo Apps

DroboGreen_Browse_Right.gif    Managing Drobo Apps