Safely Shutting Down Your Drobo 5N Using Drobo Dashboard

This is the recommended method for safely shutting down your Drobo device.

Note: You need to be logged in to perform this action.

1.     Check that the activity light on your Drobo device is off, indicating that no data is actively being transferred to or from your Drobo device. Refer to the image below.

Note: If data is actively being transferred, the activity light will be blinking green.


2.     Also check to ensure the drive bay action indicator lights are not blinking alternately between yellow and green. This indicates that your Drobo device is busy working to protect your data. Wait until these lights are a solid green.

Note: If one or more drive bay lights are red, you need to add capacity or replace the current drive. (See Understanding the Indicator Lights.) However, you can still safely shut down your Drobo device.

3.     In Drobo Dashboard, select the Drobo device that you would like to shut down from the All Drobos page, and click the Tools option on the Navigation menu.

The Tools page opens.


4.     In the Drobo Operations area, click the Shutdown option.

A message box opens, asking you to confirm the shutdown.

5.   Click the Yes button.

It can take up to two minutes for your Drobo device to power down. Afterwards, the power light turns off, indicating your Drobo device has shut down.

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