Registering Your Drobo 5N

If you did not register your Drobo device during setup, you can do so from Drobo Dashboard.

Note: You need to be logged in to perform this action. You also need to be connected to the Internet.

1.     In Drobo Dashboard on the All Drobos page, select the Drobo device you need to register and click the Help and Support option on the Navigation menu.

The Help and Support page for that Drobo device opens.


2.     In the Drobo Registration area, click on the Register my Drobo devices link.

The Registration page opens.


3.     Do one of the following:

         If you do not have a Drobo account, click the Create a new Drobo account link. A one-page form opens in your web browser. Fill this in and click Create Account. Fill this in and create your account, and then return to this step to log into your account.

         If you already have a Drobo account, select the Register new Drobo with my Drobo account option, and then enter your Drobo username and password. You can click the Forgot username or password link if needed. Continue with step 4.

4.   Click the Next button.

Your connected Drobo devices, and their serial numbers display.

5.   Select the Drobo device you would like to register, enter its purchase date and select the region from where you purchased it. (See below.)


Tip: You can click the Skip this step for now check box at any time.

6.   Click the Register Drobo button.

The next page shows with a check mark that your product has been registered.

Note: You can choose to purchase a DroboCare license by clicking on that link.

7.   Repeat steps 5 and 6 to register additional Drobo devices.

8.   When finished, click the Done button.

You are returned to the Help and Support page.

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