Enabling or Disabling Dual Disk Redundancy

Dual Disk Redundancy protects your Drobo 5N in the event of two simultaneous hard drive failures. Although it provides additional protection, it requires more hard disk space. To learn more about how much more hard disk space is required, see Determining Drive Space Requirements.


-        You need to be logged in as the administrator to perform this action.

-        To use Dual Disk Redundancy, you need a minimum of three drives. The option is not be available to you if you do not have a sufficient number of drives or capacity. First, you may need to add capacity.

-          Enabling dual disk redundancy will not erase your data.

1.     In Drobo Dashboard on the All Drobos page, select the Drobo device for which you would like to enable or disable Dual Disk Redundancy.

2.     Click the Drobo Settings option on the Navigation menu, and click General.

The General Settings page opens.


3.     Select the Dual Disk Redundancy check box to enable it, or de-select it to disable Dual Disk Redundancy.

A message box automatically opens, asking you to confirm the change and letting you know that the protected capacity on your Drobo device will decrease (if enabling Dual Disk Redundancy) or increase (if disabling).



4.     Click the Yes button in the dialog box to continue.

5.   In the General Settings page, click the OK button.

If you are enabling Dual Disk Redundancy, an "In Progress" status bar may appear on the Status page, letting you know that data protection is in progress. This may take some time.

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