Removing an mSATA Card

Because the mSATA SSD is not part of your device's disk pack, you can remove it from your Drobo 5N at any time.

Important Notes:

-        Your Drobo device must be powered off and unplugged before removing the mSATA card.

-        It is important to ground yourself before doing this in order to discharge static electricity. To do so, touch a grounded metal object just before installation.

Warning! Any pre-existing data on the mSATA card will be erased. If you wish to keep the data, copy it to another drive or medium before using with your Drobo device.

1.     Safely shut down your Drobo 5N.

2.   Gently turn the Drobo 5N on to its side to access the bottom of the Drobo 5N, and open the Drobo Accelerator Bay door.

3.   Unclip the mSATA card, and remove it. Refer to the image below.


4.   When finished, close the Drobo Accelerator Bay door and return the Drobo 5N to its normal position.

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