Connecting Cables on Your Drobo Mini

After installing Drobo Dashboard and inserting the drives into your Drobo Mini, you are ready to connect the power and data cables on your Drobo device. There are two ways you can connect the data cables:

         You can connect the Drobo Mini directly to your computer using the Thunderbolt port or the USB 3.0 port. For information on the different connectivity interfaces available and their requirements, see Connectivity Interfaces Supported for the Drobo Mini.

         If you use the Thunderbolt port, you also have the option to connect the Drobo Mini to another Thunderbolt-enabled device that is attached to your computer (including another Drobo device or a display monitor) in a daisy-chain manner. The Drobo Mini can be the first in the daisy-chain (directly attached to your computer), in the middle, or at the end. For more information and steps, see Connecting Your Drobo Mini in a Daisy-chain.


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