Using DroboApps

DroboApps are community-created, community-supported applications for Drobo storage devices. You can find out more about DroboApps by visiting


-        DroboApps are only available to NAS Drobo devices, such as the Drobo FS, DroboPro FS and the Drobo B800fs.

-        You need to be logged in as the administrator to perform this action.

1.     In Drobo Dashboard, on the All Drobos page, select a Drobo FS/Pro FS/B800fs.

2.   Click the Drobo Settings option from the Navigation menu, and click Admin.

The Admin Settings page opens.

3.     Select the Enable DroboApps check box.

When this button is enabled, a new share entitled “DroboApps” will be available to the administrative user. To learn more about shares, see Creating and Using Shares.