Installing an mSATA SSD

You can install an mSATA SSD into your Drobo 5D. Doing so provides accelerated performance when reading data from your Drobo 5D. For more information on drive requirements, see Selecting Drives.

It is best to install the mSATA SSD before inserting drives into the Drobo 5D's drive bays.

Important Notes:

-        The mSATA SSD is not part of your Drobo device's disk pack, so you can add or remove it at any time.

-        Your Drobo device must be powered off and unplugged before installation.

-        It is important to ground yourself before installing the mSATA SSD in order to discharge static electricity. To do so, touch a grounded metal object just before installation.

Warning! If there is any pre-existing data on the mSATA SSD it will be erased. If you wish to keep the data, copy it to another drive or medium before using with your Drobo device.

1.     Gently turn the Drobo 5D on to its side to access the bottom of the Drobo 5D, and open the Drobo Accelerator Bay door by turning the latch from lock to unlock using a coin.

2.   Slide the mSATA SSD into the slot as depicted in the image below.


3.   Make sure the mSATA SSD is aligned properly with its connector, and then close the Drobo Accelerator Bay door, turn the latch back to the lock icon, and return the Drobo 5D to its normal position.

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