Manually Updating Firmware from the Website

To manually update the firmware from the website, take the following steps.

1.   Go to and download the appropriate firmware file (for Windows) or Disk Image file (for the Mac), saving it to a folder that is not located on your Drobo device.

Please ensure that you have read and write privileges to this folder.

2.   In Windows, extract the zipped firmware file and save it to a folder not located on your Drobo device.

The firmware file ends in the file extension of .tdz (e.g., 1.0.2.tdz). The filename may be different depending on the version of firmware you are installing.

3.   On a Mac, double-click the Disk Image file to mount it on your Mac.

4.   Launch Drobo Dashboard and log in to the Drobo device whose firmware you would like to update.

5.   Click the Tools option on the Navigation menu for the selected Drobo device to open the Tools page.


6.   In the Software Updates section, click the Manual Update option.

A warning message opens, asking you to complete or stop any data transfers.


7.   Ensure that the Drobo device is not actively transferring data (blinking yellow and green), and then click the OK button.

Drobo will shutdown and restart after the new firmware is installed.

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