Understanding the Indicator Lights

Your Drobo FS/Pro FS/B800fs is equipped with various indicator lights which provide valuable information. Refer to Figure 1 or Figure 2 below.

Figure 1: Indicator lights on a horizontal Drobo

Figure 2: Indicator lights on a vertical Drobo


Drive Lights


         Green: No action is required. All drives are healthy.

         Solid Yellow: Add a drive or replace the current drive with a larger drive soon. Your Drobo device is running out of disk space. See Adding Capacity (or Drives).

         Blinking Yellow and Green: Do not remove these drives or power down. Your Drobo device is working to protect your data.

         Solid Red: Add a drive or replace the current drive with a larger drive immediately. Your Drobo device is critically low on space. See Adding Capacity (or Drives)

         Blinking Red: Replace this drive immediately. This drive has failed. See Adding Capacity (or Drives)

Power Light


         Green: The power is on and your Drobo device is ready.

         Yellow: Your Drobo device is in the process of powering on.

         Red: Your Drobo device has overheated. Safely power down your Drobo device, disconnect the data cable and then the power cable. Let it cool down and then restart.

Activity Light

         Blinking Green: Data is actively being transferred between your computer and your Drobo device. Do not remove or add drives during this process.

Capacity Gauge

         Blue: Displays the percentage of your Drobo device that is full, in 10% increments. There are 10 capacity gauge lights. So, for example, if your Drobo device is 30% full, three blue lights display.