Adding Capacity (or Drives)

When you find your Drobo FS/Pro FS/B800fs is running low on space, you can easily add capacity by either replacing a smaller capacity drive with a larger one, or by inserting a new hard drive in an empty drive bay of your Drobo device. Note that once you add the new drive, it becomes part of the overall storage pool, with all drives functioning as a unit or “pack.”

You can use hard drives from any manufacturer and with any capacity. For more information, see Selecting Hard Drives.

Warning: Any pre-existing data on the drives you add will be erased during installation.

Tip: In the event that your Drobo device becomes nearly full and all the drives are the same capacity, you will need to replace two drives, one at a time, in order to increase the overall amount of protected capacity. Replacing one drive will not increase your overall protected capacity in this situation.

1.     Ensure the drive lights on your Drobo device are not blinking yellow and green, which indicates that your Drobo device is working to protect your data. Wait until the blinking stops.

Warning! Removing or adding a hard drive during this process may result in loss of data.

2.     Remove the face plate from the front of your Drobo device by pulling it off.

3.     If you are replacing a smaller capacity drive with a larger one, first remove the smaller capacity drive by using your thumb to depress (and open) the drive lock for the drive bay that contains the drive you would like to remove. Refer to one of the images below.


The hard drive ejects from the drive bay. Carefully remove it.

Note: The drive light turns a solid red, meaning you need to add a drive or replace the current drive with a larger drive. It may stay red for up to 15 minutes after you replace the drive.

4.     With one hand, hold the hard drive you plan to add so that its connectors are positioned at the device and toward the left. Refer to one of the images below.

Warning! For optimal performance, keep the DroboPro FS/B800fs in its normal horizontal position. If placed on its side, hard drives may disconnect.

5.     With your other hand, use your thumb to depress and hold open the drive lock to an empty drive bay.

6.     Slide the hard drive into the drive bay, release the drive lock and push the drive into place until you feel it connect.

The drive lock will snap behind the drive, securing it into place.

7.     Add or replace additional drives in the same manner, following steps 3 through 6.

8.     When finished, replace the faceplate right side up, so that you will be able to see the indicator lights whenever your Drobo device is turned on.

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